Year 3

Welcome to the King Richard III College web page, the leading International School here in Mallorca (Majorca).

In Year Three, which is the beginning of Key Stage Two in Primary education, we follow the British National Curriculum, using text books and materials from the UK.
The education in King Richard III College is not only bilingual but multilingual as the languages in which subjects are taught, include English, Spanish and Catalan, as required by the Spanish Curriculum, French and German.

Year Three has a truly international flavour with children from all over Europe and often from countries as far flung as Australia, China and the USA, making the singing of Happy Birthday rather a lengthy occasion at times! Year Three is a wonderful age group to teach. They are full of enthusiasm for all aspects of the curriculum, whether studying rocks, using Newton meters, drawing their shadows or discussing just why Henry VIII needed all those wives. There is a sense of wonder and delight which makes one realise how privileged we are to be part of their learning process.

We begin our day with Numeracy where the children are streamed according to their ability and our high-fliers can test their skills in the Year Four Maths group allowing the teacher to dedicate more time to those who might need that little bit of extra help. We are one of the first British Schools to try this innovation and SAT (Standard Assessment tests) levels have risen as a consequence.

We also take great strides forward with our Literacy programme. Within the class there are several reading levels. Independent reading is greatly encouraged and this is where our very well equipped school library comes in. Apart from our weekly class visit, it is used constantly, both for research and pleasure. It is very gratifying to see children who might have started the year with a limited ability in English playing the part of Arthur, Merlin, Theseus or Ariadne in one of our weekly assemblies!

The school year seems to fly by in Year Three because apart from our academic work the children enjoy taking part in Hallowe’en activities, Christmas plays, Carnival and Sports Day. It seems our yearly Prizegiving ceremony in June comes round very fast!

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