Art & Design

At King Richard III College Mallorca (Majorca) the Art room is a lively, creative environment in which Secondary students thrive. Ours is the only international school on the island to offer photography up to A Level with our darkroom facilities.

At the end of their time at King Richard III College art students are experienced and well prepared for entry into further education, sharing the same success as many previous students who have been accepted in prestigious art colleges around the world.

Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3 students follow a course which includes various practical problem-solving projects, exploring the concepts of design and the use of a range of materials. There is an emphasis upon basic skills, such as drawing from observation and developing knowledge of the visual elements.

Each student is encouraged to improve their understanding of art as a creative medium and learn how to use a range of practical materials in the classroom.


Students are encouraged to work on more specific areas of their creative expertise, building upon the skills mastered earlier to produce individual projects for IGCSE Art. The students are directed towards a choice between painting and related media or photography depending on their interests and talents.

We follow the Cambridge IGCSE Art & Design syllabus 0400



6th Form students study A Level Art and by now are skilled in the practice of art, having successfully completed Art IGCSE. Students work on individually designed projects and are encouraged to choose the areas of study in which they have demonstrated competence and enthusiasm.

All pupils study Fine Art which includes Photography and the use of our darkroom facilities. All options are combined with contextual studies of relevant artists and art history. The challenge of Art A Level study is to create an exciting portfolio which shows each student’s individual talents, energy and commitment to their work.

We follow the Cambridge A Level course in Art & Design 9479.

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