At King Richard III College, one of the most prestigious British schools in Mallorca (Majorca), we believe that language learning should be an exciting and rewarding experience. The staff are fully committed to enabling each student to achieve their very best, whilst making the whole experience of learning French as fun and stimulating as possible. The results in French IGCSE and A Level continue to be excellent with a number of students choosing to study French as part of their University degree. French is taught by Mrs Jackson who is a French native speaker, which gives students the best opportunity to hear authentic spoken French and to develop their pronunciation.

The importance of studying a foreign language

Being a student in an international school in Mallorca (Majorca) gives a great opportunity for students to receive a bi-lingual education. Languages are at the core of the curriculum in Spain and a priority in our international school. The benefit of learning another foreign language is particularly clear when living in an international context. Learning another language while following the British curriculum in Spain allows students to develop their communication and thinking abilities and to fully appreciate and understand the international world in which they live. It opens up new opportunities and gives them perspectives that they might never have encountered if they had not studied in an international school in Mallorca (Majorca). Personal, professional and economic considerations all point to the advantage of learning foreign languages. Many fields such as the travel and tourism industry, communications, advertising, education and engineering have sectors dealing with foreign language study. Having better employment opportunities and a greater chance of excelling in business suggest the importance of foreign language study. French is the second most popular language (33% of students) studied in all European Union secondary schools and a very popular choice in British schools in Mallorca (Majorca).

Key Stage 3

French at Key Stage 3 is taught to all students from Year 7 to Year 9. We follow the new British Curriculum (updated in 2014) which focuses on teaching French (speaking, comprehension, reading and writing) as well as intercultural understanding. We develop the four language skills though a variety of activities such as games, role-plays, songs and language programs in French at Key stage 3. To encourage the use of spoken French, classroom contributions are rewarded on a lesson by lesson basis and by electing a “meilleur élève” at the end of each week. French customs are looked at alongside comparisons of lifestyle and traditions.

Key Stage 4

At French IGCSE we follow the Cambridge specification. We have been doing so for the past 13 years with great success. Studying French is a popular choice in British and international schools in Mallorca (Majorca). In Years 10 and 11, students continue to develop the four skills of the language using a range of resources to further their knowledge of the curriculum such as textbooks, magazines, TV programmes and websites.

Key Stage 5

At A level, we follow the Edexcel specification. In order to study French at A level, we recommend that students have a good French GCSE. In Year 12, pupils study at AS Level with exams at the end of the year. They can then go on to study A2 Level in Year 13 where they again complete exams at the end of the year. At this level, students are working to master French both orally and in written form and to become fluent in the language.

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