King Richard III College is an international school in Mallorca, accredited by the National Association of British Schools in Spain (NABSS).

Education in Science is offered in both the Primary and Secondary school. Basic scientific information is taught solely in the English language, following the British Curriculum in Spain, to students from Year 1 in Primary until Year 6and then afterwards in Secondary from Year 7 up until Year 9. We teach Science in Years 7-9 which encompasses all three Sciences – Chemistry, Physics and Biology. Year 9 students study a number of topics taken from the IGCSE curriculum in the individual sciences of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. This gives them an insight into the requirements at IGCSE level enabling them to make an informed choice for their option subjects in subsequent years.

The IGCSE courses from the Cambridge International Exam board in Physics, Chemistry and Biology are offered in Years 10 and 11.

In the early stages of Science education, we aim to inspire our students to become enthusiastic about the scientific world around them. Chemistry provides the fundamental building blocks of life; without Chemistry we would not have many of the everyday items that we take for granted.

Biology arouses awareness of the flora and fauna that we have here in Mallorca as well as educating them about the human body, diet and nutrition and ensuring an interesting start to the more in-depth subjects in years 10 and 11.

The study of Physics topics in years 7 to 9  gives an insight into many areas such as Electricity and Magnetism or Pressures and Forces, instilling the desire to continue the subject at IGCSE level.

The teaching of Science at King Richard III College in Mallorca incorporates visual aids and practical work wherever possible. We make every effort to make Science interesting and varied by showing exciting demonstrations, conducting full class experiments, organising scientific trips and encouraging a thoroughly hands-on approach.

Our specialist teachers are united in the belief that Science has to be brought to life. It is not possible to study this subject from books alone. Experimenting, seeing, hearing, touching all make Science even more fascinating. At King Richard III College our aim is to make Science the essence of your educational experience.

We look forward to teaching you!

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