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This international School in Mallorca (Majorca) has an excellent record for language teaching. We produce students who are international in the best sense of the word: they can communicate in different languages and appreciate different cultures.

In the MFL (Modern Foreign Languages) department we pride ourselves on obtaining excellent results. Not only do we have a long record of A and A* grades at International GCSE and A level but, more importantly, our students learn to use the target language effectively and with confidence. Our main aim is to enable our students to communicate effectively in the target language. In German this starts in Year 3. Most of our students are already bilingual in English and Spanish by the time they reach Year 3. Many already have two or three other languages as well. Whatever their background, they are all excited to start another new language and look forward to their German lessons.

Throughout Primary and Secondary the emphasis is on learning to speak German. Language learning is fun at any age. We use lively, interactive, modern courses and paired/group activities which get even the most shy pupils talking and, as our pupils all live in Spain but come from a broad range of international backgrounds, they all have a lot of interesting things to say!

Mallorca (Majorca) is also home to many German nationals and this is reflected in our international school. Like many of our international students, our German pupils are more than bilingual: they soon learn to switch with ease between German, English and Spanish. In the German department we make sure this multilingual competence extends to literacy. German speakers in Mallorca (Majorca) need to learn how to read and write German accurately and effectively if they are to become truly international so we work on improving their literacy skills from Year 3 to Year 13: from basic spelling rules in Year 3 to advanced reading and writing skills, including German literature, at A level. German universities require German A level from international students, even if German is their mother tongue.

Every pupil at King Richard III College studies German from Year 3 to Year 9 under the expert guidance of our native German teacher.

Key Stage 3

Foreign Language German students follow the English National Curriculum in Modern Foreign Languages. At Key Stage 4 (Years 10-11), pupils can choose to continue with German to attain an International GCSE from Cambridge University.  This is a 2-year course which is even more dynamic and interactive due to smaller groups.

Key Stage 4

Pupils take CIE exams in listening, speaking, reading and writing, in which they must demonstrate fluency and accuracy in talking about past, present and future events, and in dealing with a wide variety of situations.

Key Stage 5

In Years 12 and 13, students may choose to continue German to AS or A level to sit the Edexcel examination at the end of the school year. At this level the emphasis is on discussing issues in today’s society and on expressing, justifying opinions and developing convincing arguments, both in speaking and in writing.  They also study German literature and films.


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