Physical Education

With 2 UK qualified sports teachers in our team, our PE programme gives our students the chance to  be educated in the values ​​of fair play and to enjoy sport as part of a healthy lifestyle in conjunction with the PSHE scheme.

All students participate in the sport programme up to the end of Year 11. IGCSE Physical Education is offered to students in Years 10 & 11 who wish to gain a qualification in the subject.

Key Stage 3

In Years 7, 8 & 9, our students participate in a wide variety of sports.

The first half term focuses on SAILING. For this we simply walk down the road and across the beach to the Vela Portals Sailing Club in Puerto Portals.

All activities are taught by qualified instructors and when the wind is not in our favour, alternatives such as SUP (stand up paddleboarding) and kayaking are offered.

In the second half of the Autumn term, KS3 students are given the option of horse riding at our affiliated equestrian centre in Calvià. Students who do not wish to participate in horse riding develop their swimming and lifesaving skills at the Polideportivo in Calvià.

During term 2, we focus on team sports such as football, basketball, volleyball etc. We also prepare for our Ski Trip, working on fundamental physical skills, especially coordination and balance.

The third term is dedicated entirely to athletics. We use the professional facilities offered by the Magaluf Athletics stadium. All the activities taught during this term enable our students to reach their potential for our annual sports day:  ‘KR3 Olympics’ in which all students from Year 1 to Year 10 (and parents!) compete to showcase their talents, earn housepoints and win certificates.

Key Stage 4 & IGCSE PE

In Years 10 & 11, all students continue to do sport but may elect to prepare for their IGCSE Physical Education qualification as one of their options.

Candidates’ knowledge, skills and understanding come from studying both practical and theoretical aspects of Physical Education. The Cambridge syllabus 0413 is also designed to foster enjoyment in physical activity.
The knowledge gained enables candidates to develop an understanding of effective and safe physical performance.

All candidates do a written exam in May Yr. 11 that is worth 40% of the course and consists of questions on the three units they have studied:

– Factors affecting performance
– Health, safety and training
– Reasons and opportunities for participation in physical activity

The remaining 60% is practical coursework which is submitted in April of Year 11. Students choose to undertake four practical activities (50% of total marks) and also show the ability to analyse and improve practical performance in all four chosen practical activities (10% of marks).

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