Year 4

A very warm welcome to Year 4!

After reading this we hope that you have a clearer insight into some of the exciting and interesting learning and teaching that takes place as well as our expectations of the pupils. The children and teachers make up part of a highly successful team here at King Richard III College which is a renowned International School on the beautiful island of Mallorca. Not a day passes when we don’t appreciate our surroundings and of course the weather which permeates our daily lives.

Year 4 is a happy and productive class where children are valued and emphasis is placed on good manners. Children have the opportunity to develop their communication, problem-solving and critical thinking skills which are a common thread running through all areas of the curriculum. By Year 4, there is an increased emphasis on encouraging pupils to become independent students as well as learners. Children should start to take responsibility for packing their school bags the night before in preparation for the day ahead. By involving children this helps them to become more organised and see the value of being organised.

This is the year where we teach the children not just what to learn but HOW to learn. We achieve this by finding out what type of learner each child is: are they Audio, Visual or Kinaesthetic learners? By identifying the type of learner they are helps to show us good study skills as well as teaching lessons which embrace all types of learning. As the year progresses children will be involved in self-assessment so that they can monitor their own progress in various areas of the curriculum. This helps children to understand and recognise the need to try and improve standards on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Core subjects are taught by the class teacher with specialist teachers for Music, Drama, I.C.T., Spanish and Catalan, Art, French, German and Physical Education. Organisation is paramount as it is a very busy and interesting curriculum that is on offer in this international school. Communication is essential: education is like an equilateral triangle with each apex being the child, school and home. For each side to remain equal we must work together and there is an expectation that parents read and sign Homework Diaries daily assisting with a seamless transition of education for the children throughout the year.

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