Year 6

In Year 6, we have an interesting and informative year, packed with fun activities, in which we aim to prepare children for their transition to secondary school. Our bright and cheerful air-conditioned classroom is a very pleasant learning environment.

King Richard III College is one of the best British International Schools in Mallorca (Majorca), Spain. The atmosphere in our school is one that reflects the happiness of our pupils and staff and their respect for themselves and each other, and is at the heart of everything we do. Our Primary School pupils are nurtured and encouraged to achieve their potential in their learning journey with us.

Our Key Stage 2 studies are based on the English National Curriculum. In English, our learning includes discovering Shakespeare, Lewis Carroll and Charles Dickens in a fun and entertaining way. We enjoy studying a range of performance poetry and learn how to write imaginatively in a variety of styles, including narratives, persuasive arguments, instructions, reports, autobiographies, biographies and recounts. Special emphasis is placed on the learning of grammar and spelling and high standards of reading and writing are encouraged.

Mathematics is exciting, with a wide range of activities and games to aid our learning. We place special importance on the value of knowing times tables as an aid to correct calculating

In History we cover two topics:  ‘The Victorians’ in Term 1 and ‘Life in Britain during World War 2’ in Term 2. These topics are brought to life using books and the internet, handling artefacts, watching relevant videos, or taking part in role play activities.

Science teaches us how to view the world around us with a new perspective, and includes living things in their habitats, the Solar System, plants and environmental issues.  In Geography we explore natural disasters and learn why they happen.

We learn foreign languages such as German, French and Spanish , and we become proficient in computing in our well-equipped computer suite.

In Art and Design & Technology, we do a range of fun painting activities which brings our studies to life. This includes portrait painting, movement in art, learning about famous artists and a special unit of African tribal art. Many of our Art lessons have cross-curricular links with our other subject studies.

Sports plays an important part in our studies in Year 6. Autumn Term Physical Education lessons take place down the road at the sailing club where children learn how to sail in the beautiful bay while in the Summer Term, we use the facilities at the athletics stadium in Magaluf. Other sports activities are undertaken at the sports centre in Calvià and include basketball, hockey, football and rounders. Once a year, we enjoy our own Olympics where we compete in events such as running, hurdles, shot put, javelin, long jump and high jump.

Children have many opportunities throughout the year to participate in a series of fun events. These include taking part in a theatre production or sponsored walk, making an egg model for the Easter “Eggshibition”, organising the Easter Egg Hunt or creating an experiment for the Science Fair!

In preparation for moving up to Year 7, the children spend a day in Secondary School, enjoying a variety of taster lessons and activities. This is one of the steps we take to ensure that the transition to Secondary School is as seamless as possible and that the students feel confident and supported as they get ready to move up! By the end of Year 6, children are more than ready to cope with the challenges that lie ahead in Secondary School.

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