Year 1

King Richard III College is one of the best British International schools in Mallorca (Majorca), Spain. The school aspires to create a global perspective where every child´s background, attitudes and values are appreciated and understood.

In Year One we follow the English National Curriculum. Our lessons are planned using the Primary National strategy and the QCA schemes of work. The class tutor is responsible for teaching most subjects in the curriculum. Specialist teachers deliver lessons in Art, Spanish, French, ICT and Physical Education.

Lessons comprise of:

  • Introduction
  • Main teaching activity
  • Group activities
  • Differentiation
  • Assessment
  • Plenary
  • Homework
  • Outcomes
  • Links to other curriculum areas.

Key aspects of learning:

  • Information processing
  • Reasoning
  • Evaluation
  • Social Skills
  • Communication

Expectations in subject areas:

  1. Literacy:
    1. Word level: high frequency words taught as sight recognition words are taught through Reception 2 to Year 2. They play an important role in the general coherence of texts and early familiarity will help pupils gain pace and accuracy in reading at early stages. In Year One NLS expects children to discriminate all three phonemes in CVC words, to blend phonemes into words for reading and segment words into phonemes for spelling.
    2. Text and sentence level examples:
      1. Fiction:  stories with familiar settings, traditional stories, fairy stories, fantasy worlds.
      2. Non-fiction: captions, list, signs, labels, instructions, non-chronological reports, dictionaries, information texts, recounts, etc.
      3. Poetry: rhymes with predictive and repetitive patterns, traditional rhymes, similar structures and similar themes.
  2. Numeracy: counting and properties of numbers, place value, ordering, money, addition and subtraction to ten, length, weight, capacity, shapes, time, handling data, sorting, classifying and organising of data.
  3. Science: ourselves, light and dark, materials and their properties, physical processes and exploring their senses.
  4. Geography: geographical locations, proximity to where they live, finding out about their locality, different countries around the world and the weather.
  5. History: similarities and differences between past and present as associated with toys, homes, clothes.
  6. Art: portraits, investigating materials, sculptures.
  7. Design and technology: designing and constructing models, homes, playgrounds.
  8. Physical Education: basic skills with small apparatus, following instructions, developing team work, tactics.

The topics do not stand in isolation and are used as cross-curricular themes. In our learning objectives we use practical work which is an effective way of learning and reinforcing theoretical concepts – especially for children where English could be their second or third language.

Fun things we prepare and do in the school:
Christmas plays, assemblies, poetry competition, Spelling Bee, excursions, Easter Egg Hunt, guest speakers, computerised interactive activities, mother’s day and father’s day cards and presents.

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